Setting up Shop reCREATE

So are you ready to start selling on reCREATE Mrkt?  It’s easy!  Here’s a Step-be Step guide to set up shop and sell your first item.

  1. Register then sign back in. You will be directed to your personal Dashboard 
  2. Set up shop. First 3 pages must be completed
  3. Start Snapping. Good photos will increase your chance of selling. Try 2-4 photos of each item, model shot, flat lay front, back, and close up. 
  4. Post it. The best listings on reCreate have detailed descriptions. Tell the buyer, designer, size, material, what makes it special and include any flaws, mention your shipping policy and add 3 tags. 
  5. Ship it. Ship promptly and think about adding a thank you note. Buyers appreciate it. Make sure to use tracked shipping.  Note that untracked parcels are not covered by our seller protection. 
  6. Stay in Touch. Once funds are received mark the item as shipped and share the tracking number with your buyer. Once the buyer has received the item encourage them to leave you a good review. This helps build trust in your shop. 

Starting your own shop may seem like a big task. We are here to help. You will be making sales in no time. 


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